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Girls 3-18 and boys 3-11, boarding for girls from 9


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On the buses!

Have you spotted one of our new bus adverts yet? Here’s a picture taken from someone in the car behind (not the driver we hope!)

Bus Rear


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A message from Mr Bray

A message to all pupils and parents from Mr Bray….

Mr Bray's Letter jpeg


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Gold D of E 2015

Up bright and early after dancing the night away at the Summer Ball, nine Year 12 students set off to the Brecon Beacons for their qualifying gold Duke of Edinburgh’s expedition.

After a good night’s sleep and a large Welsh breakfast, they started their first day climbing. The sky was blue and the sun was shining – could this really be wet Wales? After eight hours out their campsite, a small field came into view. Up early to beat the heat of the day, both groups headed up their next hill. Glorious views greeted them once the cloud lifted; another good weather day, but Wales was beginning to show that rain is rather more common than in Norfolk as the clouds gathered.

Another early start on days three and four meant that they were finished by early afternoon. A few showers tested the waterproofs – they hadn’t been carried in vain!At the end they were greeted by their assessor Andy, who had been observing their navigation, team work and camping skills. He was most impressed with their time keeping, skilled navigating and good camp craft. Both groups had excelled in the expedition.

Congratulations to Tina Au, Olivia Burrows, Alex Calton, Tracy Derby, Karen Maenje, Tammy Mahere, Emily Matthews, Sheki Oku and Shannon Osborne on passing this section with flying colours and who can now enjoy a well-deserved summer break.

Mrs GroveDofE 2015 4

DofE 2015 3DoeE 2015 2DofE 2015

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Coming Soon!

A huge thank you to Mrs Kassulke, who has done a brilliant job with our blog over the last three years. We have plenty of posts in preparation, so watch this space!

Kind regards to all readers

Stephen Crump



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Enjoy the summer holidays!

We hope that all our pupils, parents and staff have a wonderful summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you all back again when the Autumn Term starts on Monday 7th September.

P.S. Don’t forget to let us know (marketing@hohs.co.uk) if you get up to anything interesting during the break.



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Thank you to the PA!

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labelsThe Parents’ Association have worked very hard during the last year, putting on a variety of events to help raise funds for the school.  This in turn has enabled them to make some very exciting purchases that benefit pupils throughout the school.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the PA for all the effort they have put in over the course of the year, and ask that our students and their parents continue to support all upcoming PA events.



Thank you! Over and out…

As I will be stepping down from my blogging duties at the end of this term, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all pupils, parents and staff for the interest, enthusiasm and support they have shown since I set up the HOHS blog.

post itWhen I first built the blog back in 2012, I had no way of knowing how well it would take off or be received. I’m pleased to report that it has proved a resounding success. 

To date, the blog has received upwards of 240,336 hits, from 56,242 visitors in 112 countries around the world! Of the 2,357 posts uploaded in this time, you might like to know the one that received the highest number of views in one day (1,877) was an update about whether the school would be closing due to snow!

Over the course of the last three years the blog has certainly grown into something of a monster! What started out as a brief synopsis of the weekly school news (with a few extra pictures thrown in for good measure) has now morphed into an online platform that covers nearly every single aspect of school life.

From our stars in the Pre-Prep to those on the sports field; our award-winning art, impressive drama productions and excellent exams results; playtime in the woods, boarding school life, visiting wildlife and various trips around the world.  I hope I’ve managed to serve up a true slice of everything HOHS has to offer and allowed parents an opportunity to peek behind the scenes and see exactly what their children get up to…

I have loved every minute of my time running the blog; it has been a real privilege to be a part of the pupils’ day-to-day life and watch them all achieve so many fantastic things, both inside and out of the classroom.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday!

Rachel Kassulke

P.S. I would like to apologise to all pupils (and staff) for relentlessly pursuing them with a camera for three years and jumping out to photograph them when least expected. I promise all unflattering images have now been permanently deleted!



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