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Nature in the Nursery

Last term, our Nursery pupils had a topic of minibeasts. After painting some very colourful pictures of butterflies, the children saw some real butterflies being released into the wild. Over the previous weeks, they watched as the caterpillars kept in a special classroom habitat changed and everyone was happy to see the butterflies flutter off into our beautiful school gardens.

Butterfly Release 1 Butterfly Release 2 Butterfly Release 3 Butterfly Release 4 Butterfly Release 5 Butterfly Release 6



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Confectionery Creations!

Year 9 have been busy this term making wonderful pop art sculptures of their favourite sweet treats. In order to show you just how big these marvellous confectionery creations actually are, there is a mug in most of the pictures to give you some idea of scale. I think we’d struggle to dunk the custard cream!

Pop Art 4 Pop Art 3 Pop Art 8 Pop Art 2 Pop Art 7 Pop Art 1 Pop Art 5 Pop Art 6

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Happy Birthday to Khloe Osborne, Year 12!

Happy Birthday Khloe, hope it’s a special one for you!


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And the winner is…..

We received two entries, only a few minutes apart, in the competition to spot our bus advertisement. Since it was so close we have decided that they are joint winners. Congratulations to Mrs Kelly and Philippa Hardesty who will both receive a teddy bear in September.


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Reception and the Beanstalks!

Following a topic on “Growth”, the pupils in Reception produced some wonderful pictures. The children listened to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and then they did some imaginative writing about what would be at the top of their magic beanstalks. They made collage magic beans using glitter, feathers, sequins and tissue paper and stalks which reached up to their imaginary lands.

Here are two of their pictures. To see more, please click here.

Beanstalk 2

Beanstalk 11

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Happy Birthday to Olivia Marks, Year 11!

Hope you have a lovely 16th birthday,  Olivia!


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Staff v Pupils Rounders Match

On the penultimate day of the summer term, it is traditional for the staff to take on the pupils in a game of rounders. This year, the staff were one player short and so Mia kindly offered to make up the numbers in the staff team. Under the careful watch of four umpires, the pupils played an impressive match, beating the staff by 22½ – 8½ rounders. Well done, girls. Better luck next year, staff!

To see some more photos of the match, please click here.

Staff Team Pupil Team



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