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Happy Birthday to Eve, Year 4!

We hope you have a lovely 9th birthday full of nice surprises, Eve!


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Year 2 outdoor science

Year 2 pupils had a great time sorting images of living things in local habitats in science on Tuesday (when the weather was considerably better than today!) We even went outside to explore our own local woodland habitat! The children made some excellent observations.

year-2-outdoors year-2-outdoors-2 year-2-outdoors-3



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Our ‘stars’ this week were…


Our most recent ‘Stars’, receiving special mention by Mr Peace in this morning’s  Prep Department Praise Assembly, are:

Albert (Year 3), who has been working very hard in history, being very enthusiastic and showing great knowledge. Albert wrote an excellent example of a letter applying to join the Roman army!

Millie (Year 4), for being a very enthusiastic member of her class. Millie has been sharing learning at home and adapting well to changes at school.

Alex (Year 5), for amazing concentration and effort in history this week. Alex has shown great improvement and fantastic work.

Leoni (Year 6), for fantastic effort with holiday homework – she made a doodlebug V1 rocket and did some excellent research.

Well done to all of these ‘stars’! The picture was taken in an earlier assembly and shows how well the children listen and like to hear about each other’s successes.

Who will it be next time?

Assembly pic

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Match report: U14 badminton v Norwich High School for Girls

The U14 badminton team secured a 5-4 win over Norwich High School earlier this week – with the tie coming down to the final point of the final match. Despite absence and illness the team pulled together and should be proud of their efforts.

TEAM: Isabelle, Sophie, Rebekah, Mia, Anna & Cristina

Now we wait for confirmation to see if we have made this year’s finals!

Miss Mickleburgh



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Chloe’s OPEN dance…

Earlier this month, Chloe (Nursery, fourth left below) performed with her ballet class at OPEN in Norwich.   It was Chloe’s first time performing out of a class or school environment and not only did she do very well on stage, she spent a couple of hours with a chaperone and children she didn’t know. Afterwards she told her mum she had been brave and really enjoyed it.  Well done, Chloe, how your confidence has grown!


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Could there really be a zombie apocalypse? Rosamaria, Faith-Marie and Sophie investigate…

Regular readers of our blog will know that we have been looking at Year 9’s exploration of science topics they chose for themselves for their Bronze CREST awards. Rosamaria, Faith-Marie and Sophie decided to look at whether a zombie apocalypse could really happen and what to do to survive one. Now, we know that scientifically, there is no possible way that the dead could spring forth from their graves, but the girls’ research did lead them to some fascinating cannibalism-related facts; for example:

We have all heard of mad cow disease – a neurological brain disorder brought on by feeding cow bone meal back to cows, essentially making them cannibals. “But we found out there is a human disease called Kuru which is basically the same thing but happens to people,” said the girls. Kuru is also known as laughing sickness due to the pathologic bursts of laughter people would display when afflicted with the disease. It is now widely accepted that Kuru was transmitted among members of the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea via cannibalism – making it the closest thing to the zombie scenario featured in so many popular films.

“Working on the CREST award was interesting because we developed our independent skills and were able to go into things in more depth,” the girls explained.

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Happy Birthday to Bronte, Year 10!

Happy 15th Birthday, Bronte, hope you have a great day!