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Day 3 up the mountains in Wales

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brecon-in-ukDay 3 of the expedition started bright. The girls left their little campsite in the bend of a small stream and began their walk up the next mountain. They passed a part ruined abbey where Father Ignateous, who lived in Norwich, had set up a monastery. Following a well-worn path the climb up the mountain seemed very long. But at the top the views were spectacular.

On one side was a reservoir glinting in the sunlight and on the other fuels and more mountains. The breeze on top was very welcome as they walked along the ridge. The walk down to their campsite was steep along the side of a small valley but as they turned the corner the view of Llanthony Abbey was amazing. That night they camped at Court Farm.

On their last day the girls set off even earlier than the previous three days, leaving the campsite by 4am. They started their steepest climb up cwm bwchal to the cairn at the top before following along another ridge.

They enjoyed their lunch at Ponyspig yesterday at 9am when most sensible people were having breakfast or had just started school! The final climb led them up the side of the Sugar Loaf Mountain and down to the car park where their assessor was awaiting them. They were so pleased to have finished and Les (their assessor) was very impressed with them as they were all direct entrants (not one of them had done the bronze or silver awards).

Congratulations to the Gold group and well done!

Mrs Grove


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