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Year 10 pass their Bronze D of E

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On a bright and sunny Saturday morning the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh group set off on their final, assessed expedition.

Walking through Norfolk fields, crossing over ditches and navigating through woods was their task for the two days. All three groups were cheerful and very determined not to get lost en route. They collected data from churches, took photographs and wrote information about the nature that they saw.

The first day went without a hitch with everyone arriving on time at the campsite. After putting up their tents and cooking their meals (some groups had 4 courses, where did they put it?) they settled into their cosy tents for the night.

Sunday started bright and breezy. They were up at 6.30 and had cooked breakfast and decamped by 8.30-9.00. Following their routes northward some groups met fields of obstinate cows whilst others saw farmers who did not like people walking on the paths on their land. However nothing phased these girls and after 6 hours they all met their assessor, again, at the end of the day.

Congratulations to the Year 10 girls on passing your expedition. Well done!

Thanks must also go to Miss Mann and Mr Johnston, who, without their help I could not run the D of E.

Mrs Grove  D-of-E2 D-of-ED-of-E3D-of-E4

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