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Even more recommended reads for the summer

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Recommended for 0-6 year-olds:
My Teacher is a Monster!
by Peter Brown 1408005869_978144725747901

Monsters – and teachers – are not always what they seem!

Bobby has a problem at school. It’s his teacher, Miss Kirby. She stomps, she roars, and she won’t even let him throw paper aeroplanes in class… what a monster! One day the unthinkable happens when Bobby bumps into Miss Kirby outside school. However, he soon finds out there’s more to her than meets the eye.

This beautifully illustrated and brilliantly funny book from award-winning artist Peter Brown shows that monsters – and teachers – are not always as bad as they seem.



Recommended for 7-11 year-olds:

1408005084_9781782951872Magic Betsey
 by Malorie Blackman

Betsey puts on a magic show but everyone is less than impressed with her tricks.

No matter, in these four sweet and funny short stories, Betsey learns the importance of believing in yourself, that practise makes perfect, and that some magic is real . . .




Recommended for 11-18 year-olds:

City of Halves
by Lucy Inglis 
1406639210_download (9)-1

London. Present Day. Girls are disappearing. And strange creatures are on the streets.

When Lily is attacked by a two-headed dog, she’s saved by hot, tattooed and not-quite-human Regan. As Guardian of the Gates it’s his job to protect both halves of the City, new and old, from a world of restless creatures that threaten its very existence.

As the City spins out of control, Lily and Regan race to find the girls, discover the truth and expose a terrible conspiracy.


As recommended by www.youngwriters.co.uk

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