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Year 4 meet some ‘Real Romans’

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Year 4 recently visited Norwich Castle for a Roman and Iceni Workshop. We were able to look at Roman clothing and coins; we even met some ‘Real Romans’  – a soldier and a tax collector!

We handled ancients object from Roman times and had to work out what they were used for.There were also characters dressed up as Iceni villagers. We acted out the different jobs the Iceni would have had to do.

The Iceni taught us what torcs were and we made our own in a craft activity. The Roman Soldier taught us about life in the Roman Army – he had real weapons, they were very heavy and he was rather scary!

Mrs SinclairIMG_3267FullSizeRenderIMG_3277

My favourite part of the day was when we learnt about the Iceni because it was fascinating and fun!’ Laila Oarton

‘My favourite part was meeting all the charcters’ Skyla-Grace Manning.

’I liked it when we had to vote for the Iceni or the Romans. In the end the Romans arrested the Celts – I felt very sorry for them’ Tabby Cook

‘When we were watching the play, I said to Mrs Sinclair that a Roman would come through the door and it actually happened!’ Leoni Elvy

One thought on “Year 4 meet some ‘Real Romans’

  1. I love that laila is on there!

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