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Boarders (and a minion) visit Eaton Vale

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Last weekend our boarders visited Eaton Vale Activity Centre where they had a great time in the sunshine on the low ropes and air rifles.

The first time round the ropes was much harder than it looked as apart from the fact the rope wobbled a lot, it was very narrow. However, things became so much more difficult when the girls had to attempt the course wearing a blindfold and moving backwards! They only had their friends rely upon to tell them where to tread…thank goodness the girls have such strong friendships and trust!

The air rifles was a test of concentration and a steady hand. After a few shaky shots the girls son got the hang of the skills and several of them displayed a worrying level of accuracy!

Dave the Minion came too and proved very popular on the ropes!

Miss Cushing
Senior Housemistress
Boarders-Eaton-Vale Boarders-Eaton-Vale2Eaton-Vale3

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