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Boarders visit Cambridge

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On Saturday 13th June our boarders took a day trip to Cambridge.

Despite the weather being less than perfect we had a great time in the warm and cosy train. First stop was the Fudge Kitchen where we saw the fudge being cooled and set. They were really nice to us and we got to taste both the warm vanilla fudge and the cooled chocolate fudge.

Then it was off to the punts for a relaxing 45 minute trip on the River Cam. It turned out to be something of an adventure as a duck decided to hitch a lift and then another punt crashed into us and lots of water came in the boat too! We had some really warm rugs to snuggle up under and the rain had stopped so it was a great trip and the ideal time to eat lunch as the various sights were being pointed out to us.

After an hour examining the famous market it was back onto the bus for the short trip to the station. The train home was empty so we made the most of so much space and some of us even had a cheeky nap!

Miss Cushing
Senior Housemistress
Boarders Cambridge1 Boarders Cambridge2 Boarders Cambridge3

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