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Prep School Production: Pirates of the Curry Bean!

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On Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th June the children in Years 3 to 6 travelled back in time to 1728 for Pirates of the Curry Bean, their swashbuckling summer production.

Young Jack and Liza Periwinkle (Warwick and Amelia) find themselves caught up in a non-stop adventure on the high seas in search of their mother, Pearl (Alabama), who has been kidnapped by ruthless Redbeard (Mia) and the treasure-seeking crew of The Curry Bean (Harriet, Fleur, Stella, Tabitha, Ruby, Skyla-Grace and Laila).

Along the way, Jack and Liza seek help from brave Captain Cod (Emily), exuberant Admiral Hornhonker (Charlotte) and the crew of HMS ‘Crunchy Frog’ (Henry, James, Ellie, Leoni, George and Saffron).

The pressganged comedy duo, Scuttle and Slack (Anna and Ashlyn), eventually discover a buried treasure chest, hidden by the mysterious Captain Swaggersword (Georgia), long-lost husband of Pearl.

Many wonderful characters help or hinder Jack and Liza’s progress: Squawk, Redbeard’s wise-cracking parrot (William), two bumbling health and safety inspectors (Annie and Cristina), their trouble-making Uncle Deadeye (Taonga) and rat-catching pet cat, Fiddlesticks (Imogen).

Well done Year 3 (Jennifer, Romily, Amy, Maxim, Samuel, Elliott and Alexander) for your wonderful portrayal of pesky rats and cheeky monkeys as well as the natives of Lumbago (a beautiful island in the Sea of Sciatica!).

It was a super show to end the year! Thank you to the many staff and parents who helped to make our summer production a success, particularly Mrs Sinclair, Mrs Mobbs, Miss Hopwood and Laura Whiteley.

Well done, Years 3 to 6! See all the photos here.

Mr Peace
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