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Tennis news: Summer Term final update

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Wimbledon Tennis Parties

At the end of every tennis lesson last week, all our tennis players throughout the school enjoyed their own ‘Wimbledon Tennis Party’, to celebrate another brilliant term of tennis!  There have been Wimbledon-themed fun tennis activities, a quiz, fairy cakes, biscuits, sweets and prizes for everyone!bnJcPo0siWpcynl2BxBXlSTxHji0_2ClsIjRbE5irEAX_Fj06Vtb7VFsbiVr_c11zanccjo22_7O4r_Hkh7kM-m82629T5rlsDxJnkcA7p85BEtO5r6OdvjjQobpBGP6-nXx6rWurIuVNvdilMCQIyZFsmINnRSI-UgJaN9Kb4Nr8SSDfKuk5F17ecz7pq_-lA8a4jsVvlXA3Ly2qPHwM_KOtGWq_XwyL-QTBTlwUJuYYmGSqJSVUwJecvrroXuurR2gsgt8eNbkNOG_imjLDnNOT33-_nGAP8g6iu9BEKMu5oImb4WKAlAl0LoKUvK-C6cxFpiqbGF2opmITsEh5gVo8WWvnoTVArH6LZj7tskrkfm7T5FXAKfL5TfP364NUSCzus7D-DJGYM3KRlGiJb7XKMBKstgfe0fbK_Irc5Ch_wEBz6oRKHzTFNDi66v0VY20aTg2eTA9OPjWLVGjDq1_bo-1gwipcrcWCEOKwUGfa03uxAvIUoQegTIRFEHt2b5qQwsQ2z278V2SttVHlSZ6fznCyIfSyoAePzGuScM4hyjpNE4HdcL6VN7rzmO_dUV0Z1DlV7eZ-r3b5uTskuzodWL2W8QrL6sIS40ubb0y4CckZMEehaT3BGHQvpD5jZ6pyIA05XznokQHxPPFJzLRlOSCrU2-ZQxxnmoZNk9vAnMC9PVfzlodSg87kU0G8ouwlUJofmmC_PCeteT6W_-Bh4sqxfsDE300pM2z1iCTELJtEE76hhVKo0xkZzLoEufoDlCxkgUAVvy1WJXIFYF-tJN9RX3bdpE1zPw9G7pjr_dg9-75RToEAOkV1Yg7S62gOIc8UbkwafWLmEDZkSybMUi0GgNhz12nMR-G0CRxXOZLEw246mv9iDYXUEsM-1

Senior Girls’ Doubles Tournaments

There have been many high quality doubles matches this term, involving pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9. The girls have shown brilliant tactical awareness and court-positioning and there have been lots of amazing rallies.

The tennis displayed by all the girls has been OUTSTANDING.
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Hannah Young & Mollie Deeks

Rebekah Young & Gabriella Moretti-Miles

Isabel Hartley & Emily Catlin


LTA Mini Tennis Rally Awards

Congratulations to all our pupils in the Prep School who have successfully completed their Mini Tennis Red and Orange Rally Awards!

Summer Tern Prep School Tennis AwardsAWARD

Lower Prep School Player of the Year 2015: Tyrell Da Silva Madhodha

Most Improved Player of the Term for Year 4: Skyla-Grace Manning

Most Improved Player of the Term for Year 5: Ashlyn Gibb

Player of the Term: James Bell

Player of the Year 2015 for hard work and excellent progress: Emily Grint


Katie WINS at Wimbledon!wimby-logo
Several years ago, I represented the Norfolk Ladies Senior County Team in a match against The All England Lawn Tennis Club. This is the venue of the Wimbledon Championships and we played on the same courts that Maria, Novak, Roger, Rafa and Andy are playing on at the moment. We even used the same changing rooms as them. I had a lady to run my bath and iron my clothes!

I played against Annabel Croft (some parents will recognise this name!) and later in the day, I won my last doubles match 7-5 in the 3rd set. This means I have won a match on the Wimbledon courts! It was an unbelievable day and I will remember it forever…


Club / School link with EATSC
This week we received the exciting news that we have successfully formed a club/school link with East Anglia Tennis and Squash Club in Norwich. This will provide all our tennis players with the opportunity to continue receiving their school tennis coaching throughout the winter months, under floodlights!

Don’t forget to keep cheering on Andy at Wimbledon – he could win it again!

I look forward to seeing you all in September!

Katie Brooks
Head of Tennis


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