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Wishing all our families and friends a very Happy New Year!

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Happy Birthday to Vera, Nursery!

Happy 3rd birthday, Vera – hope you are having a lovely time with all your family!


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Year 8 fun with science – try this at home!

Making a compass

Did you know that you can use a needle or a bit of wire to make a compass? Year 8 did this in the Christmas term – it’s a fun experiment to try at home, too. And it could even be useful in an emergency!

Step 1: magnetize your needle or bit of wire If you’ve got a magnet handy, just touch the south pole of the magnet to the point of your needle. Then touch the north pole of the magnet to the other end of the needle. You can also do this with a bit of wire.

Chances are, you wouldn’t have a magnet if you were lost in the wilds of the Brecon Beacons or Dartmoor, or even the back lanes of Norfolk – so instead, you can use a little bit of silk or wool from your clothing to magnetize the needle. Rub the needle back and forth from eye to point about 100 times; the needle will now be magnetized.

Step 2: turn the needle into a compass Grab a leaf, or something light that will float, and place the needle on top of it. Float it in a puddle of water, and you have yourself a makeshift compass. It will point North as all Year 8’s leaves show in the second picture!

year-8-compasses-1 year-8-compasses-2

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At HOHS you’re never too young for hockey!

We had a great half term of hockey for all ages as you may have read in Miss Mickleburgh’s hockey report. Here are Year 2 in full kit having a lesson towards the end of term in the sports hall, and getting ready to go to an away fixture. They have really enjoyed their hockey lessons, learning dribbling, passing, tackling and shooting skills as well as playing games and learning the rules. Well done, everyone!

year-2-hockey year-2-hockey-2year-2-hockey-3

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See the Seals at Winterton and Horsey

A walk on the beach can be a refreshing antidote to all that eating we’ve probably done over the last few days. Norfolk of course has a wonderful choice of beaches, each with its own unique character and features. My personal favourite is Winterton  – I love the miles of empty sand and paths through the dunes, there’s a great café and it is dog-friendly all year.  I will be going for a walk this week with friends and family along the beach towards Horsey until we come to the seals…literally hundreds of them, mothers and babies, littering the water’s edge until around the end of January. If you’ve never experienced this amazing sight, it is well worth a visit. You can follow the crowds to Horsey itself  for sightings from the dunes if  the walk from Winterton is too long for any family members.  Do take care not to disturb the seals.

You can find out more and see videos here.

Liz French, Blog editor


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HOHS raises over £1100 for Diamond Challenge!

Christmas is a time for giving…so it seems apt to report today on the results of our Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge efforts from last term. Members of our school community have together raisied over £1100 for the Diamond Challenge, which was set up to give more disadvantaged and vulnerable young people locally the opportunity to benefit from the DofE. The idea was to set a personal challenge and raise sponsorship to achieve it. Here is a list of participants and the challenges they undertook:

Sara Edwards                    Parent                   Cycling challenge

Chloe Sadler                      Year 1                    Learn 10-15 words in French

Rosamaria Elsley               Year 9                   Learn Portuguese

Anna Reed                          Year 13                 Run a charity event

Charlotte Harding             Year 12                 Run a charity event

Emily Edwards                  Year 13                  Run a charity event

Isabel Kingston                  Year 12                 Run a charity event

Kami Onalaja-Rabiu         Year 12                 Run a charity event

Lilyella Ayers                      Year 13                 Run a charity event

Molly Morris                       Year 12                 Run a charity event

Olivia Culling                      Year 13                 Run a charity event

Paisley Simpson                 Year 12                 Run a charity event

Tami Nkhata                       Year 13                 Run a charity event

Zai Zimpita                          Year 13                 Run a charity event

Miss Mann                           Staff                      Learn Polish

Mrs Grove                            Staff                      Learn to Breast Stroke and swim 1K

Thalia Silver                       Year 1                     Learn to ride a bike and cycle three miles

Lucia Denham                   Year 2                     Cycle 5 mile track at Thetford Forest

Maisie Alger                       Year 11                    Learn sign langauge

Kelly Kan                             Year 11                   Give up phone for a week

Mrs Johnson                       Staff                       Get Fit

Mrs Evers-Jones                Staff                       Learn Piano


Diamond 2


Merry Christmas everyone!

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