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Faking fingerprints and dodging security…

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Earlier in the term we promised to look in more detail at the exciting hands-on topics our Year 9 pupils researched for their Bronze CREST awards.  This week is British Science Week – the perfect time to revisit their scientific adventures!

First, here are  Hannah, Lacey, Lauren, Olivia and Bronte, whose Dummies Guide to a Staff Room Break-in could be useful if you are considering a bank robbery! This team decided to investigate the science behind modern security methods. Could they learn to fake fingerprints and signatures, scale walls and dodge laser security to break into a secure school staff room…?

Their research involved creating a visual map of the school to find the best route in from outside without triggering alarms – and as this involved jumping very fast over a gate, they also had to boost their understanding of human muscle power to ensure the viability of their break-in plan.

By the end of their investigations, the girls were all confident that if the need should arise they would be well-equipped to instigate their dastardly master plan!

Watch this space tomorrow for the science of luscious lips from Ria, Alice, Sofia, Philippa and Rosie!



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