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Sixth Form Myth-Busting with the Matthew Project

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A group of our Sixth Form girls participated in a dynamic workshop from Norwich-based Matthew Project last week as part of their enrichment programme. The workshop, delivered by Jack Santy from the Project’s Youth team, explored drug and alcohol issues, focusing on busting myths and giving the girls plenty of interesting statistics and insights. They learned about the risks associated with alcohol, tobacco and different kinds of drugs, including ‘legal highs’.

The sight of a lumpy, alcohol-damaged liver passed round in a pickle jar was a memorable ‘highlight’, while the ‘drunk goggles’ (pictured) demonstrated very clearly how reactions are affected by alcohol: trying to catch a ball or do a ‘high five’ proved more difficult than expected…

In feedback forms after the session, the girls variously described the workshop as “interesting, engaging and informative”, “so mega” and “valuable” and all had learned things they hadn’t known before. .

The Matthew Project provides information, advice, support and education throughout Norfolk and Suffolk on alcohol and drug issues. You can read more about it here.

 Miss Desgland

Sixth form Matthew Project4Sixth form Matthew Project3 Sixth form Matthew Project2 Sixth form Matthew Project1

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