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Boarders at Banham!

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banhamLast Saturday our boarders decided to complete the hat trick of zoos in East Anglia and visited Banham.  The zoo had cunningly put the snow leopards and tigers on the far side of the zoo, which meant we had no choice but to walk through the Farm Barn and play with the baby goats, rabbits and guinea pigs…in fact we had no choice but to spend a long time in there just to make sure we really had patted all the animals!  The girls were rewarded for the effort of walking across the zoo as the tigers came out and the snow leopards snuggled up to the glass and put their paws up. The monkeys were highly amusing as they decided an audience was just what they needed for the argument they had over some fruit! The walk into the giraffe enclosure was fantastic as it is all ramped and so you are on eye level with the animals…we never realised what huge eyes they have!

Anna Cushing, Senior Housemistress

banham penguin cove

boarders banham



















boarders Banham2



One thought on “Boarders at Banham!

  1. Great photos !!! You can’t beat a cute baby goat anyway. Think a visit needs to be planned ASAP !!

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