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Sports Day Results

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1st:   Fry (250)
2nd: Austen (217)
2nd: Ryder (217)

1st:   Fry (348)
2nd: Austen (316)
3rd: Ryder (264)

1st:   Austen (282)
2nd: Ryder (256)
3rd:  Fry (226)

1st:   Fry (824)
2nd: Austen (815)
3rd:  Ryder (737)

Nursery girl: Charlotte Tricker, Annabelle Ducker & Brea Watts with 16 points.
Nursery boy: Noah Hoolahan with 30 points.
Reception girl: Thalia Silver with 28 points.
Reception boy: Alfie Donald with 28 points.
Year 1/2 girl: Chloe Tricker with 28 points.
Year 1/2 boy: Albert Cook with 30 points.
Year 3 girl: Amelia Holmes with 26 points.
Year 4 girl: Romily Garner with 26 points.
Year 4 boy: Alexander Scott with 26 points.
Year 5 girl: Camilla Zanetti with 44 points.
Year 6 girl: Anna Luterbacher with 44 points.
Year 5/6 boy: Warwick Davey with 40 points.
Year 7: Harriet Catlin with 74 points.
Year 8: Sohie Barrow with 42 points.
Year 9: Ria Simmons with 40 points.
Year 10: Isabel Hartley with 46 points.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the pupils, staff and parents for making this Sports Day so enjoyable. We would also like to give a special thank you to Miss Mickleburgh and Mrs Woods for all their hard work in organising the event.

More news and photos from the day will be posted tomorrow.

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