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Girls 3-18 and boys 3-11, boarding for girls from 9

Record Breakers!

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Field Event Records Broken

Ria Simmons (Year 9 triple jump) 8.44m

Isabel Hartley (Year 10 shot putt)  9.76m…previous record was set in 1999!

Harriet Catlin (Year 7 javelin)       17.70m

Harriet Catlin (Year 7 discus)       17.72m…previous record was set in 1995!

Warwick Davey (Year 6 boys long jump) 3.51m

Alexander Scott (Year 4 boys long jump) 2.68m

Albert Cook (Year 1/2 boys long jump)    2.04m

Amelia Davies (Year 1/2 girls long jump) 1.87m


Track Records Broken

Alexander Scott (Year 4 boys 80m) 12.00sec

Warwick Davey (Year 6 boys 100m) 32.00sec

Harriet Catlin (Year 7/8 1500m)        6mins 31 sec

Alice Parker (Year 9/10 1500m)        6min 39 sec

Year 9 Fry relay team (4 x 100m)     1min 1.00 sec

Many congratulations to all the new school record holders!

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