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Yesterday, the Phase 2 children visited Bewilderwood in Hoveton. We had already read some Bewilderwood stories in preparation for our trip and so, on the way there, we discussed all the Twiggle and Boggle characters we might spot in the treetops!

When we arrived, we climbed into a bright pink boat and our guide, Ben, steered us through the Dismal Dyke and the Scaaaaaaary Lake, telling us stories of the Bewilderwood creatures on the way. In the Scaaaaaaary Lake, we met Mildred, the Crocklebog. She was very friendly but did squirt us with water!

The rest of the day was spent exploring the broken bridge, slippery slopes, sky trails and Thornyclod’s web. We even made Twiggle and Boggle huts in the craft teepee.

We all had a great day and loved learning about the stories of Bewilderwood and all the characters that live in the enchanted woods.

Bewilderwood 1 Bewilderwood 2 Bewilderwood 4 Bewilderwood 6 Bewilderwood 5

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