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House Rounders Results

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Congratulations to Austen who, for the second year running, have triumphed in the house rounders cup.
1st  Austen  350 points
2nd Fry        296 points
3rd  Ryder   280 points

Results for Prep School house rounders:
Year 3/4
1st  Ryder (Scorers: Alexander S 5½, Grace 1, Alexander C 4, Amy ½)
2nd Austen (Scorers: Sophie 4, Caitlin 2)
3rd  Fry (Scorers: Maxim 3, Madeleine 1, Matilda ½, Jennifer 1½)

Year 5/6
1st  Austen (Scorers: Warwick 3, Emily 1, Saffron 1)
2nd Fry (Scorers: James 3, Cristina 1)
3rd  Ryder (Scorers: George ½, Annie ½, Ashyln 1, Ruby 1, Fleur 1)

House Rounders 1 House Rounders 2


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