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Reading Challenge Report by Year 7

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Every half term Mrs Crump tells us what type of book to read and then we visit the library to see if we can find a book we like. Mrs Maher, our librarian, always gets out some suitable books for us to look at and she tells us a bit about them. We can choose a book from the library or one from home and then we are ready to begin.

Once we’ve read the book, we do a review on it, saying what we think about the book and roughly what happens in it and we also make a poster. When we’ve rehearsed our presentation to our friends we are ready! Everyone likes to hear our presentations and then the class has the opportunity to ask loads of questions.

My favourite book was ‘The Sprite Sisters and the Circle of Power’; its genre was magic. I like this book because you didn’t know what was going to happen next and the writing was very detailed. We have all been happy to read and share our books. The reading challenges have been fun and have introduced me to books I wouldn’t usually have read.

Yr 7.2 Yr 7.1

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