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Year 9 in Green Plan It Zombie Apocalypse!

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Art Club members from Year 9 are set to take on an exciting green-fingered challenge over the next ten weeks. As part of a national challenge supported by the Royal Horticultural Society, they will design a new green space for a corner of our school grounds and present their ideas and a 3D model for assessment by the Green Plan It organisers.

On Friday, Darci, Faith-Marie, Sarah and Rosamaria , together with Miss Mann and Miss Coughlan, joined  teams from at least 20 other Norfolk and Suffolk teams at Easton & Otley College for an introduction to the challenge. Who knew it would involve zombies…?

Step One: Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse!

Under the guidance of horticulturalist Will Twentyman,  who will work with the HOHS team as a mentor throughout the project, the girls were challenged  to consider a post-apocalypse world …a world of Zombie-wreaked havoc, where growing the right plants in the right places would be crucial to survival.  From a long list of plant and horticulture-related experts, who would be the most useful? This task got the girls thinking about  the many and varied career paths in this sector, and has inspired them to think about horticulture in a different way.

Returning to school with mascot Larry the Lavender – entrusted to their care by Will – the girls are inspired to get started on the project.

“We had a great time and are looking forward to creating a really good garden design” said Rosamaria.

“Perhaps even winning!”  added Sarah,  “and we can have up to eight people in our team, so if you are in Year 8 or 9 and would like to join us please come along to Art Club on Wednesday lunch time.”

Look out for more posts about the challenge coming soon!

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