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Graffiti found on our roof – 150 years old!

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The builders working on our roof have discovered some interesting marks scratched into the lead on a normally concealed hatch, providing us with a tantalising glimpse of a moment in our building’s history. Whoever made the marks must have spent some time and care as there are detailed outlines of shoes with names, initials and dates carved inside them. Look closely and you can see the names “Norgate” and “W Curson Aged 19 1860”. The Old Hall was owned by Thomas Starling Norgate, born in 1772, who lived here with his wife and twelve children – was it one of them who carved their name that day? The Cursons were also a very prominent Hethersett family. Who were the mystery scribes, and what does the writing tell us?

graffiti2 graffiti-1

One thought on “Graffiti found on our roof – 150 years old!

  1. Sarah Jane Squires liked this…I attended the Old Hall School like 1970 to 1976, and I shall be watching that spot!
    By the way when do you hold the old girls association? Perhaps you could let me know what date is? Thank you.Sarah Squires.

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