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Update on Ava, one of the HOHS-sponsored puppies!

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The_Guide_Dogs_for_the_Blind_Association_logoWhen they were in Year 10, our current Lower Sixth started sponsoring Ava, a labradoodle pup who was a promising Guide Dog candidate. Now we have had an exciting update on her progress: she has just moved on to advanced training in London where she spends all day with Luke, her trainer, out and about in London, walking around the office or sitting next to Luke’s desk. Ava already has no trouble with London trains and buses and will start to go on the Underground and escalators with Luke soon.

Luke says, “I am hopeful she will take it all in her stride as she is very confident and picks things up easily. She is rarely scared to try things, which is great.”

The next step will be to find a suitable owner for Ava – someone whose life she really will change as a guide dog by helping them find more independence and confidence in their everyday living. Luke says that Ava’s future owner will have to suit a dog with personality – she’s quite a character!

The first two pictures are recent – Ava off duty and on duty with  Luke;  the third,  from the Sponsor a Puppy 2017 calendar,  shows Ava as a puppy with her brother at six weeks old. Aaah!

You can find out more about Ava – including a video from when she was a little puppy – on the Sponsor a Puppy website.




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