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Miss Mickleburgh’s Half term Hockey Report

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It has been a glorious half term of hockey at HOHS. The progress made across the school in comparison to last year is highly evident and the pupils should be highly commended on their efforts. This time last year we had played five fixtures securing just one win. This year we have played fifteen fixtures to date, securing eight victories!

Scroll down for some great team and action shots!

Our year group top scorers are as follows:

Year 2: Felicity

Year 3: Adam

Year 7: Liberty-Moon

Year 8: Harriet

Year 9: Faith-Marie

Year 11: Ella

Some highlights:

  • Our Year 2s playing their first ever game of hockey in the U8A/B matches and one team winning with goals from Felicity and Adam.
  • Our U13, U14A and U16 team being unbeaten so far this season.
  • Rosamaria in Year 9 playing a brilliant role as goal keeper for the U14A/B teams.
  • Harriet in Year 8 top scoring for the school with six goals.

Looking forward, we have a busy second half term ahead with all teams involved in a number of matches. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the supporters who have come along and cheered for our teams, it makes such a difference having such enthusiastic support, thank you!

A number of parents have been asking me about the purchasing of hockey sticks and astro turf shoes. Firstly, we have hockey sticks that pupils can borrow so buying a hockey stick is not essential however; if you are looking to get your child a stick you must make sure it is the correct size! The top of the hockey stick must be in line with the child’s hip height. Any higher or lower will affect the child’s ability to play. As we have a number of matches away on astro and on grass surfaces, astro turf shoes are something you may wish to consider, but once again this is not essential. Astro turf shoes provide additional grip on synthetic surfaces and protection from the ball. Normal trainers provide no protection from impact from the hockey ball and can cause quite a lot of pain, particularly if you have been hit on the toes.

Finally, we have a number of pupils who are now members of hockey clubs outside of school. If you wish to find out more about local hockey clubs in the area please feel free to call or email me or the school.

u16-hockey3 u16-hockey u16-hockey-2

u8-hockey-friday-6th u8-hockeymouthguards u8hockey-adam-goalie u8-hockey u8-hockey-2









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