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Amy’s Giant Puffball

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Amy in Year 1 came into school recently with a very interesting object her Daddy found in their garden…a giant puffball! This is a kind of mushroom that can grow really big, and can be eaten, so the children were fascinated to see what it was like inside. Mrs Bird carefully cut it open and everyone looked closely to see what it looked and smelled like….but it was not nice! We found that it was like wet, smelly brown sand. That is what happens to puffballs when they get old!

Did you know…?

You can eat puffballs when they are young and spongy and white inside, but not when they are old, yellow and slimy like ours!

Puffballs are referred to as the ‘breakfast mushroom’ because they go so well with egg dishes. Their flavour and texture are very good when sautéed and browned in butter with a little salt and pepper.


puff-ball1 puffball2




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