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Poppy and Leoni adopt a leopard

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In the summer, when they were still in Year 5, Poppy and Leoni organised a cake sale in aid of the World Wildlife Fund, with help from Miss Hopwood and some other friends who held a fun sleepover to bake some cakes!

The girls raised almost £40 and, with a little top-up from Poppy’s mum, have used the funds to adopt Narva, a beautiful, rare Amur leopard who lives in the far eastern reaches of Russia. Leoni and Poppy have done a lot of research to find out more about this species and the work of the WWF and were pleased to receive their adoption pack this week. They will also get regular updates, three times a year, on Narva’s progress and wellbeing.

Did you know…?

  • Amur leopards are probably the rarest big cat in the world, with only around 70 adults in the wild.
  • They have been affected by: illegal wildlife trade, climate change, habitat loss and fragmentation and deforestation
  • The good news is that thanks to conservation work funded by governments and organisations such as the WWF, with generous supporters like Leoni and Poppy, the number of Amur leopards is gradually rising again.

More information is on the wwf website and there is video footage of Narva at



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