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Bonfire party goes with a bang!

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As the sun set over the field yesterday,  members of our PA were busy getting everything ready for our bonfire and fireworks party.  It was great fun for all the families and friends who attended and a lovely, social occasion, with Mr Crump’s fireworks display providing just the right  ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’  factor!  

Many thanks to Mr Reeves and the kitchen team for dishing up such tasty soup and hotdogs, and to the PA team for organising and selling the food, drinks and ever-popular glo-sticks.  Funds raised will go into the PA kitty to provide items the children may not otherwise have to enhance their school experience.


img_1640 img_1637 img_1632 img_1635 img_1604

img_1597 img_1599 img_1603 img_1606 img_1619 img_1622 img_1628 img_1636 img_1641 img_1642


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