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Our ‘stars’ this week were…

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Our most recent ‘Stars’, receiving special mention by Mr Peace in this morning’s  Prep Department Praise Assembly, are:

Felicity (Year 2), for learning off by heart all the lines she has in the Nativity production – and as the Narrator there are a lot! Felicity is also well-liked in form and is very helpful.

Beatrix (Year 1), for working really hard after being away ill. She has done lots of research about badgers and rabbits by herself, and two sheets of Big Maths and Beat That on her own. Good work, Beatrix!

Flo (Reception), for trying really hard at everything she does and for being very focused. Flo is making very good progress in her reading, too!

Chloe (Nursery), for doing the Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge at home with her family. Chloe set herself the task of learning 23 French words and mastered them all!

Well done to all of these ‘stars’. The picture was taken in Prep assembly recently and shows how well the children listen and like to hear about each other’s successes.

Who will it be next time?

Assembly pic

One thought on “Our ‘stars’ this week were…

  1. You do know the. Christmas craft will not be good because there copying my mother and my mum and me have now left the school so it won’t be good because they are TRYING to do it like my mum last year and its probably failing

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