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Once upon a time…

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…Year 9 were asked in their English lesson to write some jolly Christmas stories for a young audience – Year 1, in fact – and so they began.

Soon Mrs Bird and her class were invited to visit Year 9’s lesson on Tuesday to hear the finished work. Accompanied by Mrs Vickers and special guest Tawny (Mrs Bird’s mum who was visiting for the day), Year 1 settled down on the carpet as the seniors took it in turns to read out their stories and show their beautiful illustrations.

Everybody had a very enjoyable double lesson and there was even an encore for one of the stories by popular request. Mrs Crump said: “I am very proud of Year 9 – they really rose to the challenge. Their stories were just right for the audience and they told them beautifully. The illustrations were a real bonus and enjoyed by the prep children, who were a very polite and attentive audience.” She went on to say that she intends to copy the stories to give to Year 1. And they all lived happily ever after!





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