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Sing, choirs of angels…


The night before they left for the holiday, our boarders gathered in the hall with the log fire glowing to sing carols and enjoy some tasty treats. There were tears as well as smiles as it was the last night with our wonderful gap year students, who have been with us a year and become thoroughly immersed in so many aspects of our school family life. Best of luck and warm wishes go to Jess, Kirby and Claire, as they embark on the next exciting chapter of their adventures – and happy holidays to all our boarders and their families.

boarders-carols-1 boarders-carols-4 boarders-carols-5 boarders-carols-6 boarders-carols-8 boarders-carols-9 boarders-carols-10 boarders-carols-11 boarders-carols-12

2 thoughts on “Sing, choirs of angels…

  1. This used to be my favourite boarding night of the year! We used to all wear our pjs and bring our pillows and duvets and sit on the stairs. I remember Santa throwing the chocolates at us and all trying to collect as many as possible! I boarded 1994-1999.
    This has bought back so many memories.

  2. Oh how lovely to hear your memory Michelle and to know that we are carrying on a tradition that goes back at least 20 years! Merry Christmas to you from all at HOHS x

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