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Year 1 Pets’ Week!

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Mrs Bird has made this a special “Pets’ Week” for her Year 1 class, with the children invited to bring in their small pets  (and photos and information about larger ones!)

Today we had a visit from Amy’s six-month old guinea pig ‘Angel’ and Sophia’s hamster ‘Stripe’ – and Year 2 children came to have a look, too. The children learned a lot about how Amy and Sofia care for their pets.

Angel enjoyed a lot of gentle attention, as you can see, while Stripe was sleeping in his cage. Sophia explained that hamsters are nocturnal, meaning they sleep during the day. Stripe is a special kind of hamster, a Winter White.  He is grey with a stripe in the summer but his fur turns white in winter. This is because in Russia – where this kind of hamster lives in the wild – he would need to be camouflaged in the snow to avoid predators!

Look out for more pet reports later in the week!

img_3038 img_3041

guinea-pig-2img_3046sofia-hamster img_3044

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