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Barnaby Bear gets lost…and found!

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Polly (Year 1) had a very exciting ski trip to Switzerland at half term. She took HOHS’s very own Barnaby Bear with her (we all know he likes to travel and see different places to tell us about!) But Barnaby got left on the plane home from Geneva by mistake, leaving Polly very upset. Luckily, the adventurous bear turned up at Polly’s grandparents’ house complete with a new t-shirt and a label tied around his neck explaining that he had been found and posted back. So everyone was happy!

Here is Polly (below left) with Barnaby and her friend Sophia (also Year 1) , who is holding the fantastic diary Polly’s mother helped her to create while they were on holiday. You can see Barnaby looking a bit sorry for himself with his label on!

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