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Mr Southgate’s Adventures with Year 1

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On Tuesday, Sophia’s father came in to talk to Year 1 in their geography lesson about some exciting travel adventures he had when he was younger.

Mr Southgate visited several African countries as well as Australia and New Zealand and had some very exciting tales to tell the children. They included white water rafting, bungee jumping and encounters with a whole host of animals, from a giraffe to a possum, a whale and a baby crocodile (which bit him!) One memory which was not so happy tarantulawas when Mr Southgate was bitten by a poisonous spider – a tarantula – which had somehow sneaked into his sleeping bag! It made him very unwell and he had to go to hospital.

Mr Southgate showed the children on a map and on our globe all the places he had visited, and played an interesting game with them, matching different animals to their continents. Everyone really enjoyed the afternoon!


possum bungee-jumping

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