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Why are Year 1 covering their ears?

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The answer is that an indri – the biggest of the lemur family – was making its very loud and piercing call in their classroom! Well, strictly speaking it was not an indri, it was visitor Nick Acheson impersonating one!

As part of their geography studies, the children enjoyed a fascinating talk from wildlife tour guide Nick, who came in on Monday to share fascinating facts about some of the far-flung places he has visited and the creatures he encountered there.  We heard about the bowhead whale which broke the ice around Nick’s boat in the Arctic with its hard bow-shaped head to make an air hole, and the walrus which split the sides of a rubber boat with its two enormous tusks.

We saw  photographs of tiny arctic terns who migrate all the way to the Antarctic. We learnt that polar bears don’t eat the meat of the walrus but just the fat! We copied animal and bird sounds that Nick taught us from the jungle and the Arctic ocean. The children learned so much and were inspired by Nick’s experiences!


  • Nick Acheson leads holidays in wild places including Madagascar and the Arctic for Naturetrek and you can read more about theholidays, and him, here.  


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