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HOHS ballot box reveals hung parliament!


It’s election day and pupils have been encouraged to think and talk about their own feelings on major issues such as education, health, the environment, taxes and immigration. This morning saw a lively political debate and vote take place in the Prep hall, where Year 5 pupils donned masks to take on the roles of the major political party leaders!

Miss Hopwood said, “The Year 5 pupils presented simplified manifesto summaries and there was a very lively and intelligent question and answer exchange before votes were cast.  It was hard for the children to answer the questions but they did so well – I am very proud of them!”  She added that many of the pupils’ parents had got involved and prepared the children for the debate.

The result?  Labour was top choice, with the Conservatives just one vote behind, followed by the Green Party – and the Lib Dems in fourth place.


2 thoughts on “HOHS ballot box reveals hung parliament!

  1. That’s fantastic !! Topical and gets them involved too

  2. Thank you Rachel for your feedback – it WAS a really good way to get the children involved and thinking about the issues…

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