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Year 6 Camp-Out pictures


Year 6  had a great time at their camp out on Friday evening! Here’s what they said:

“It was my first time camping and I loved it…we had a barbecue, camp fire and marshmallows and Emily and I were in a tent together with loads of room. I’ll be begging my parents to go camping in the holidays now!” Ruby

” We sang the llama song loads of times…it was llamatastic!!” Emily

“It was just…amazeballs!!” Ellie


packing away the tents on Monday morning…


Having a sneaky peek at the barbecue food


Year 7 walking past feeling envious!


All set up and ready…


Snug with friends…


Loads of space!


We love it!



Happy days!

2 thoughts on “Year 6 Camp-Out pictures

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  2. Great ! by Seeing your experience we’ll also make a plan to camping out in Norwich.

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