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Big Garden Birdwatch HOHS-style!

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Thank you to everyone who took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch at the weekend, and for telling us about it.  Lots of the children ticked off birds they saw on the RSPB checklist and submitted their results on line and some of them told us about what they saw. Here are just a few of their reports:

Amy T (Year 2) – Submitted her results online to the RSPB, kept a record and made a bar chart to show which birds she spotted in her garden and on the family’s farmland.

Agata (Year 2) – Spotted two jays and two blue tits. Agata sat on her wendy house and watched the birds from the window.

Felicity (Year 3) – saw a sparrow, three blue tits, lots of orange-legged geese, two swans and a herd of deer in her big back garden!

Sophia (Year 2) – Her mummy spotted a woodpecker, four great tits, a blackbird and a seagull.

Adam (Year 4) – spotted wood pigeons, blue tits, blackbirds as as well as foxes and a squirrel!

Evelyn (Year 2) – Evelyn sat in her bedroom looking out of the window for an hour and saw a blue tit and seven pigeons.

Isabella (Year 3) – saw two greenfinches and two blue tits on her birdtable.

Matilda (Year 5) – spotted a sparrow, a robin, a blue tit, a pigeon and lots of blackbirds.

Elysia (Year 1) – used binoculars and spotted a blue tit, pheasant and a blackbird. Elysia submitted her results on line.

Harry in Reception made us all smile when he said,  “I saw a woodpecker and an armadillo and a dinosaur”!

A special thank you to Felicity (Year 7) for this lovely picture of one of the two shy jays who feed in her garden.



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