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Are zoos good or bad? Years 3 and 4 investigate….

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On Tuesday, pupils in Years 3 and 4 performed a fascinating assembly all about zoos. Their presentation took the form of a debate, with the children giving their own opinions about zoos. Are they a good thing because they take care of animals that have been rescued from captivity or from disappearing habitats, and provide careful breeding programmes for endangered species? Or are they bad for keeping wild animals confined in conditions that can lead to boredom and distress? The children had done plenty of research to back up their opinions and there were strong arguments on both sides! At the end of the assembly the audience of pupils and family members were invited to vote, too. The result? Fairly close, but on this occasion more people were persuaded that zoos are NOT a good thing. Thank you to the children for their enthusiasm and research – and thank you to all the parents and family members who came to see them in action!

The children showed us some wonderful dioramas they had made of different habitats for animals

Everyone was invited to cast a vote after the debate

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