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Zai’s A Level art work

A Level art pupil Zai had just been putting up a display of her fascinating work when the roving camera stopped by in the senior art room in the last week of term.  Zai describes the first piece pictured below:

“This piece shows a pain-filled girl in a world where she is not socially accepted. I used the grindy, run-down background to give the piece an other-worldly quality as if it is crumbling. The girl’s different-coloured eyes and horns give her an alien appearance and the fading graffiti tells her story against a background reflecting her pain and abandonment.  I used sand to give the background a rough-textured layer and an urbanized effect, and watercolour for the portrait to achieve a strong contrast with the acrylic background.”



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Year 5 with some wise old birds

Enjoy these stunning mixed media images by Year 5 pupils, who took inspiration from the British illustrator and artist Mark Hearld’s night-time scenes of owls in the countryside. Working in the senior art room with head of art Miss Coughlan, they used mixed media, including printed leaves, bark, twigs, coloured ink and paint. We think the results are magical!


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Colourful GCSE textile creations

Our GCSE design and technology textiles pupils have just finished their final garment designs – and we think they are fabulous! The brief was to design something that was either Asian-influenced or used recycled textiles.  Here are Kelly and Maisie with their dresses.



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Noah’s Ark is afloat in Reception!

Our reception class have been learning the story of Noah’s Ark,  playing games and learning songs around the theme, painting colourful fish, building Lego arks and starting to create their own story books.





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Celebrity-inspired footwear by Year 9!

Last term we featured the early stages of some amazing shoe designs by our Year 9 pupils.  In their textiles lessons Mrs Ling had challenged them to design a shoe appropriate for a chosen celebrity – from HM the Queen to Rita Ora, Van Gogh, Melanie Martinez, Willy Wonka and more. Now the girls have almost all finished the project…and the results are stunning!


Darci M – Van Gogh


Sarah K


Sophie B – Nemo


Alia B – Willy Wonka


Rebekah Y


Isabelle S – Bear Grylls


Clara H – Jenna Coleman


Caitlin C – Melanie Martinez


Faith-Marie L – Mary Berry


Sophie S – HM The Queen


Mia T –


Isabel H – Cleopatra


Lucy C


Rosamaria E – Twenty-one Pilots




The Queen inspired this bejewelled beauty


This one is inspired by singer Melanie Martinez


Darcy is creating a Vincent Van Gogh-inspired impressionistic platform shoe




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Holiday Creations…

Thank you to Rosamaria E (Year 9) and Chloe S (Nursery) for sending these pictures created over the holidays.

Rosamaria’s was inspired by a request to produce a painting with the theme ‘Lost in Thought’, while Chloe had great fun turning a collection of brown leaves into a really colourful display!

Please both pop into the school Reception for a small prize…

christmas-artwork-chloe christmas-artwork-rosamaria



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Twelfth Night

Today is officially the last day of Christmas – the twelfth night, also known as the Epiphany. In the Christian calendar this also marks a visit to the baby Jesus by The Magi (the three Kings, or Wise Men). The word ‘Epiphany’ comes from Greek and means ‘manifestation’. It celebrates ‘the revelation of God in his Son as human in Jesus Christ’.

Here are Year 5 researching and working on some pictures of the Magi last term.

img_2369 img_2370 img_2367 img_2366 img_2365