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Girls 3-18 and boys 3-11, boarding for girls from 9

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Boarders Backwoods Cooking

Last Saturday the boarders attended a “Backwoods Cooking” session at Eaton Vale – an opportunity to get a real taste of the great outdoors cook their own food on a camp fire just as you would in the wild! The weather was changeable so we layered up and got ready to cook. We started with a flour and water dough on a stick:  very tasty with chocolate spread! Then we made layers of bread, jam, butter and sugar which were cooked in the coals and tasted like a cross between a doughnut and pancakes. Delicious and a fun and rewarding activity.

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Boarders fun at crazy Congo Rapids

At the weekend our boarders enjoyed a visit to the Norwich Family Golf Centre in Easton to play crazy golf on the Congo Rapids. The course was great fun and included many water features and two boats. There was a lot of friendly cheating and laughter and many golf balls had to be retrieved from the ponds!


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Boarders at Gressenhall

At the weekend, the boarders enjoyed a visit to Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse Museum. The beautiful Suffolk Punch horses and very cute piglets were real favourites and we all went on a tractor ride. The museum was very interesting and particularly useful for Year 9 who are studying the period in school. We finished the trip with a session on the zip wire and giant slide which involved a lot of screaming!

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Chocoholic boarders!

Our boarders are out shopping this weekend – pictures soon! – but what else have they been up to? Well, on Thursday evening they competed in a quiz on a subject close to their hearts: CHOCOLATE!
The questions were wide ranging and it was very competitive but eventually team HRM won by two points. The prize of course was….chocolate!

Test your chocolate knowledge

SUKLAA is the word for chocolate in which language?

  1. Swedish
  2. Estonian
  3. Finnish
  4. Belarusian

Answer under the pictures (look how hard they were concentrating!)


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Boarders at historic Hippodrome

Our boarders returned last week refreshed and eager to start a new year after the Summer holidays.

This weekend we all went to Great Yarmouth to visit the circus at the Hippodrome. There were some pre-trip nerves about scary clowns but fortunately they did not appear! We did however get soaked with the traditional buckets of water. The girls particularly enjoyed the talented trampolinist and the “Wheel of Death” acts.

We also enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather over the weekend so the girls spent lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful school grounds. Winnie and Bubbles, our guinea pigs, also enjoyed the weather in their outside hutch and out on the lawn.

Miss Kirkham
Senior Housemistress

Did you know…?

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Our boarders are back!

Our boarders have been arriving back to school this afternoon, welcomed by new Head Housemistress Alison Kirkham and her team.  It’s lovely to see the girls back and busy catching up with each other’s news, unpacking and sorting their rooms.

We look forward to seeing the rest of our school family tomorrow morning, ready for an exciting and very busy new school year.


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Year 10 lighting up the lab

Year 10 girls took on an interesting challenge in their last science lesson at the end of term, working in pairs or small groups. The task? To create a working model lighthouse, the taller the better, using only newspaper and a few other specified bits and pieces.  They were halfway through the challenge when these pictures were snapped, so we’re not sure which team won, or what scientific principles were applied… but the concentration levels and competitive spirit were certainly in evidence!