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Girls 3-18 and boys 3-11, boarding for girls from 9

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Year 10 lighting up the lab

Year 10 girls took on an interesting challenge in their last science lesson at the end of term, working in pairs or small groups. The task? To create a working model lighthouse, the taller the better, using only newspaper and a few other specified bits and pieces.  They were halfway through the challenge when these pictures were snapped, so we’re not sure which team won, or what scientific principles were applied… but the concentration levels and competitive spirit were certainly in evidence!

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Boarders at Pleasurewood Hills

The year was rounded off for our boarders with the traditional trip to Pleasurewood Hills theme park yesterday. The girls had cloudless skies and sunshine in which to celebrate the end of a very busy year. Despite sampling many of the foods on sale and trying every single rollercoaster at least three times, nobody was unwell and there was plenty of energy left to sing as we journeyed back along the A47!

We hope all our boarders have a wonderful summer holiday and we send our best wishes to the Year 13 boarders heading off to university in September.


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Year 10 Visit Sainsbury Centre

Year 10 girls had a fascinating visit to the Sainsbury Centre  earlier this month.   With the help of a guide,they explored first the Paul Nash,and then the Rana Begum visiting exhibitions on display there. Begum’s work (pictured) blurs the boundaries between sculpture,painting and architecture and we found it very interesting indeed!



The fluorescent coats  the girls are wearing were designed to be interactive with the colours in the exhibition.



An installation piece constructed from a series of coloured modular architectural components.

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Boarders go Full Steam Ahead

This weekend the boarders took a step back from the hustle and bustle that comes near the end of term to travel through the Norfolk countryside by steam train. The lovely Bure Valley Railway people gave us our own carriage to and from Wroxham. The girls were enchanted by the steam, the whistle and the amount of dirt on the driver! With time between trips to shop in Wroxham, the girls have declared it to be “the best trip ever”!



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Redwings ‘Gangsters’ at large!

This weekend,  those boarders not hard at revision visited the equine sanctuary Redwings in Aylsham. After a quick tour of the open paddocks the girls set off to explore the sanctuary, discovering donkeys, ponies and horses galore! We even found hundreds of tiny frogs – the size of a thumbnail – much to everyone’s delight. The biggest surprise was that Miss Mann secretly adopted the miniature Shetland ponies, seen here, for the boarders!  Redwings call this group The Gangsters as they are full of character…just like our girls.


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Guineapigs’ holiday!

Our boarders’ two little ‘piggies’, Winnie and Bubbles, had a lovely half term holiday last week! Many thanks to the Tricker family for hosting them and taking such good care of them for us.

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Boarders visit Thrigby Hall

This half of term’s boarders’ weekend programme was rounded off  by a visit to Thrigby Hall yesterday for those girls not buried in A Level and GCSE revision.  Whilst the sun shone down on them they watched the tigers being fed at very close range and walked up into the trees to see the monkeys playing. The sheer size of the snakes proved to be too much for some people whilst most of the girls found the crocodiles a bit dull….until it lunged into the water and sent them running!

Miss Cushing
Senior Housemistress