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Girls 3-18 and boys 3-11, boarding for girls from 9

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A smack of Jellyfish by Year 5


Year 5 pupils created this colourful ‘smack’ of jellyfish in art last term.

  • Did you know that jellyfish…

… can be bigger than a human, while others are as small as a pinhead?
… are eaten by people in some countries?
… have been on Earth for millions of years, even before dinosaurs?
… have no brain but some kinds have eyes?
… are mainly made up of water and protein?
… and that a group of jellyfish is called a ‘smack’?


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Botanical Art in Phase 3

The standard of artwork from all ages at HOHS is always noteworthy, and this delightful series of botanical paintings from our Phase 3 children is no exception, we are sure you will agree.

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Sensible Sixes

In the last of our series of informal group pictures from Lower and Upper Prep on the last day of term, Year 6 show us how seriously they take having their picture taken…

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The Famous Five at Large

Today’s photos-of-the-day are of our lovely Year 5 group on the last day of term.  Who can keep a straight face?

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Phase 3 in serious mood…

Today’s group photos taken on the last day of term are of our Phase 3 pupils, who, as you can see from the second picture were feeling very serious!

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Year 2 friends

Today’s photo is of Year 2 pupils looking suitably grown up and sensible on the last day of term…well, in the first picture, anyway! Have fun, everyone!

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Year 1…say “cheesy chips”!

Continuing with the group snapshots taken on the last day of term, here are most of the Year 1 pupils. Such a lovely group of children, always kind to each other and helpful to Mrs Bird. Have a happy holiday, everyone!