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Darci’s prize specimen!

Darci (Year 9) was recently shortlisted for the The Nancy Rothwell Award, a national award scheme celebrating specimen drawing in schools and highlighting the benefits of combining  art and science. Darci’s botanical drawing depicted a rose with all its different parts.  You can see it on the Nancy Rothwell pinterest board here, along with other shortlisted entries.

Congratulations to Darci and the other Year 9 girls who entered – the work is on display in school, outside Mrs Collins’ office.


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Fetch the engines…no, wait! It’s 1666…

Thank you to all the Year 2 parents and family members who came to see the children showcase their learning about the Great Fire of London in assembly on Tuesday.

The children told us lots about the fire and how it affected the citizens of London in 1666, when there were no fire engines! They sang us two songs and showed us the amazing artwork they had created to support their learning on this exciting topic. Afterwards they shared some lovely moments with their families.  Well done to all the children and to Miss Doughty, too.


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Can Science Solve the World’s Problems?

This was one of the top agenda items at the GSA Girl Power conference in Cambridge on Wednesday. The event saw twelve of our seniors from Years 11-13 join with pupils from many other schools to hear a range of women scientists and engineers speak about their careers. This year’s theme was “ STEM solutions towards a sustainable world” and the aim is to get girls to “think big, think
future, think global and think sustainable”.

Year 11 pupils Laura and Filly (Philippa) told me: “It was really great, interesting…inspiring, actually. We learned a lot about marine ecology, astronomy and sensory design. We heard all the morning speakers – and there were many! – plus we attended a breakout session in the afternoon by Dr Jenny Tillotson about eScent sensory design. Standout speaker? For us, that would have to be the design engineer, Yewande Akinola. She was amazing and really engaged with everyone in the lecture theatre. Thank you Miss Mann and Dom for planning this trip and taking us.”
Liz French, Editor


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Harvest festival thanks

A huge thank you to all of you who kindly donated items for our Harvest Festival assemblies this morning…both the Barn and the Prep Hall boasted impressive displays of dried food and other items which were later packed up carefully by Sixth Form and Year 7 pupils. Rob from Norwich Food Bank collected the haul at break time, and took them back to the Norwich distribution centre to be sorted and made available to local people in need. Thanks again!

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Donations for our Harvest Festival assembly…

Our annual Harvest Festival Assembly will be taking place on Monday (2nd October) – all pupils should have brought a leaflet home about this today. We will welcome any contributions of  tins or dried produce and the other items listed on the flier below for our displays – please bring them into Reception any time up to Monday morning. Our donations will be collected by a representative of the Norwich Foodbank to help people in crisis.

Thank you so much for your support.


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Sunflowers measure up for Year 1!

Last year pupils in Mrs Bird’s class (now in Year 2) planted some sunflower seeds…and look how they grew! The windy weather on Tuesday night blew some of the pots over, so this morning Mrs Bird’s new Year 1 pupils picked them up and straightened them. Then they got tape measures and rulers and, as part of their maths work, measured them. They found that the tallest was over 1.5 metres high!

Once the flowers have lost their bloom, there will be hundreds of seeds to be made into seed balls in Bird Club. These are sure to be snaffled up by woodpeckers, sparrows and jays – and our resident HOHS squirrels!


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“We are stardust…”

Year 8 have been investigating fascinating facts about atoms and matter.  Did you know that the carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms in our bodies were created in previous generations of stars over 4.5 billion years ago?  Humans and every other animal as well as most of the matter on Earth contain these elements…so we are literally made of star stuff…!