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Girls 3-18 and boys 3-11, boarding for girls from 9

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Happy Birthday to Matthias S, Year 2!

Hope you are having a lovely sixth birthday, Matthias – you can tell us all about it when you come back to school!


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Your Summer

Harry has been having a busy summer. Apart from turning 5 earlier this week, Harry has had a holiday in Kelling Heath, visited family in Wiltshire and enjoyed himself at Kings Camp here at HOHS. The picture shows Harry in the lavender fields on a beautifully sunny day in Croydon.

If you would like to tell us what you have been getting up to over the summer, please email a picture and a few words to marketing@hohs.co.uk.

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Following in Grandmother’s Footsteps…

We were delighted today to welcome family members of our school’s original founder as they enjoyed a nostalgic visit to Norfolk from their homes in North Norfolk and Hampshire.

Gladys Andrews founded the school at Hellesdon House in 1928 to educate her own children, moving to Hethersett Old Hall in 1935 when it outgrew the space.  Three of her grandchildren and a great-niece were amongst today’s visitors, some of whom have strong childhood memories of the Old Hall.

Grandson Michael (pictured below, left) recalls staying here often as a small boy. “My parents would drop me off at the beginning of the summer holidays to stay with my grandparents here”,  he told us. Looking around the upstairs boarding area brought back vivid memories:  “I recognise this fireplace”, he said, “ and remember going up these stairs in the mornings to my grandparents’ room to get dressed – I would have been about eight years old at the time.”

Jenny Youngs (nee Perowne, third left in the larger group photo below) is a great-niece of Mrs Andrews and a former pupil here. “ I was here from 1967-71 as a Prep boarder when Miss Lewin was Head ”, she said, recognising one of the current boarders’ common rooms as her first dormitory.

The family – some of whom had followed in their grandmother’s footsteps to become teachers –  looked through old photos and other artefacts and posed for pictures outside the headmaster’s study before enjoying a tour of the school and grounds with Linda Jones. We hope they enjoyed their visit as much as we did!

Hellesdon House was the first home of our school – from 1928 until 1935 when Mrs Andrews bought Hethersett Old Hall.

The three grandchildren of our founder Mrs Andrews who visited today: Michael (left), his sister Caroline (right) and their cousin Sophie (centre). Sophie’s mother “Barbs” was Gladys Andrews’ daughter – herself a pupil and, later, a governor of the school.

The family group included Jenny Youngs, nee Perowne, (third left), a great-niece of Gladys Andrews. Jenny boarded as a Prep pupil at HOHS from 1967-71.


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Happy Birthday to Aiden, Nursery!

Happy 4th birthday, Aiden! Hope you are having a lovely time in the holidays, too!


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Fitzwilliam Favourites!

Years 10 and 12 art students enjoyed a fascinating visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum and Kettle’s Yard Gallery in Cambridge towards  the end of term. Highlight of the day was Antony Gormley’s Infinite Cube II, made of mirrored glass and 1000 LED lights.






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Send us a selfie with Odin!

Our contribution to the exciting GoGoHare exhibition is now in place in the Forum in Norwich. Odin, our baby hare (leveret) can be found with 23 other schools’ leverets in the Gallery next to the gift shop within The Forum.

Pick up a poster and a trail map from the Gallery and accept the challenge of finding all the hares…or just take a photo of yourself with the HOHS leveret and enter our selfie competition!

How to enter: Simply send your photo to marketing@hohs.co.uk – winner will be announced in the first week of the new term in early September.

More info on the trail is at www.gogohares.co.uk


Odin was a big hit at the Norfolk Show a couple of weeks ago! Now he is in the Forum in Norwich.


Odin was based on the design created by Laura S (Year 11),inspired by Norse and Celtic mythology.

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Successful expedition for our Golden girls!

Posing with our assessor. We all passed!

The stunning Black Mountains of the Brecon Beacons looked very inviting on Saturday against a bright blue sky as our D of E Gold group set off to trek up the mountain on Day 1 of their challenging four-day expedition. The steepness of the hill was daunting in the extreme heat but the girls – Kelly, Maisie, Alice and Tayla – coped really well, with the help of extra water, hats, sun cream, long- sleeved shirts and neckerchiefs, and by taking the climb slowly before walking along the ridge. The views were spectacular along the top and the girls were able to draw some interesting pictures and write great stories for their book.

After a tiring but extremely successful day the group set up camp in the farmer’s field to cook themselves a well-deserved pasta supper.

Day 2 began at 5am so as to beat the heat on another strenuous climb.  The girls did very well and were really enjoying the views when we met them at the top.  Arriving at their campsite they  were greeted with the welcome sight of their own stream – perfect for cooling tired feet!

On Day 3, the girls ventured out at 4am under a still starry sky, to miss the heat of yet another scorching summer day. Passing many waterfalls, they  made their way to the top of the mountain and walked along the ridge where they enjoyed spectacular views of two different valleys, one with a reservoir.  On the way down they could see their goal, the ruined Llanthony Abbey.

The last day was cloudier and cooler than the other three but the girls still decided to start out at 4am. The assessor was very impressed with the group, praising their navigation skills and team work and declaring them a delight to assess, thoroughly deserving of the passes he awarded all four.

Today we are travelling home – and in cooler conditions. Well done everyone – you were superb! Now click on the images to see the gallery of photos….

Mrs Grove

  • Did you know…?

Over the past three years our pass rate for D of E awards has averaged 97% against a Norfolk average of 50% and a national average of 52.7%