Hethersett Old Hall School (HOHS) blog – an independent day school near Norwich, Norfolk.

Girls 3-18 and boys 3-11, boarding for girls from 9

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Hello, my name is Carolina Dávila and I was a Gap Volunteer at Hethersett Old Hall School from 1996-1997.

I am looking to get in touch with the house mistresses, staff and boarders during this time. I was in charge of the youngest boarders, also I used to help the Spanish teacher Lolita.

Thank you very much.





I’m looking to get in touch with Miriam Irving and Amy Hunter.

Gillian Clare Nee Rochfort (Class of 1991)



I’m trying to get in touch with two sisters who went to Hethersett in the 70’s and 80’s – Mary and Susan Dennis. Mary is now called Prickett. I’m an old friend and would love to find them and see how life has been for them.

Many thanks, James



I’m trying to track down one of your old pupils, Victoria (Torie) Robinson. She would have been with you mid to late 90’s. She was my wife’s (Fiona Stanners) best friend at school and her maid of honour when we got married. Unfortunately we’ve lost contact due to constantly moving around the country with the RAF.

Chris Tennison



Hello. I would love to re-connect with Isabell Butler Stoney, Tracey Mulligan, Susan Pearce, Katherine Lesure (not sure of the spelling).

Julie Hoskyns



Good Morning from an extremely Old Girl.

With all good wishes for an excellent Tea Party and I am only so sorry that I cannot get there.

I remember my time at Hethersett with very fond memories but it was so far back at the dawn of time that I mercifully cannot recall the dates. However it would be most interesting to be able to catch up with my contemporaries most of whom are probably all married and now with grandchildren whereas I have managed to escape gliding up the aisle and have a small dog instead.

With kind regards, Petrina Heward



2 thoughts on “Message Board

  1. My friend Vicky would love to hear from Meg Wright who would have left around 1990, apparently they used to spend lots of time together in the holidays. Can anyone help?

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