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Mini Sagas short stories

The HOHS short stories included in the Mini Sagas Amazing Adventure book:

Picton Falls In!
by Elfie Anema-Galpin

Picton, the mouse, was out for a walk to the stream in the buttercup field when he fell in. He struggled but could not get out. Just at that moment a bird fluttered by.
‘Help!’ cried Picton. The bird was called Willow. Robin rescued the bedraggled Picton. ‘Thanks Willow!

blank-spaceThe Food Chase
by Eleanor Siree

Mrs Winter thought it was time to feed the cats, Bertie who was upstairs, Max who was in the lounge and Mollie who was fast asleep in the kitchen, zzzzzz. As she served the food Bertie and Max crashed into each other whilst Mollie was eating all the food. Burp!

blank-spaceThe Hare And The Dog
by Daisy Harris

One day the dog and the hare were fishing and the hare caught such a big fish that it pulled him in. A shark saved his life. The dog pulled Hare aboard and the dog said, ‘Thank you, do you want to have a cup of tea?’ The shark said, ‘Yes.’


by Bronwen Laxton

‘Lily, did you know, Mean Mary has escaped from prison?’ said Jane.
‘Lily, where are you?’ Lily shouted back, ‘Mean Mary has got me!’
Lily had been kidnapped.
Jane phoned up the police then headed out to find Lily. She heard screaming from the old barn. It was Lily! Hooray!

blank-spaceWhen Hope Is Lost
by Ella Kassulke

Jamil awakes cold and hungry, he sleeps on a dirty floor. He’s tired but he must now work, digging through mountains of rubbish looking for ‘treasure’. Danger and disease is all around. He’d rather learn or play, but he must survive. He feels all hope is lost. Jamil’s only six.

blank-spaceThe Monster
by Ria Simmons

Yesterday I saw a monster, I was very scared. I went to tell mum, but when she came it was gone. I went to find my dad but he was nowhere. I went indoors and there was the monster. He took his mask off and there was Dad!

blank-spaceA Pacific Island
by Gabriella Moretti-Miles

A famous explorer rowed to a Pacific Island. She wanted to find a special temple called Moonstone. As she walked along the sandy beach she heard monkeys and birds singing and howling. Then she saw this wooden gate, she opened it and there is was, the temple. What a day.

blank-spaceThe Naughty Pigeon
by Jessie Lloyd

We are going on a picnic. When we got there a pigeon stole Mum’s bread. We chased the pigeon around but then we noticed that there was a spare piece of bread. Then my packet of crisps got stolen, we didn’t chase the pigeon, we looked in the basket instead.

blank-spaceThe Haunted House
by Meredith Winship

The screeching noise stopped. There was silence in the house. Then Kate screamed.
‘What’s wrong?’ asked Sam.
‘I saw a headless shadow,’ whimpered Kate.
‘Where?’ asked Sam
‘Over there by the door with a brass handle,’ whispered Kate.
‘I don’t really like it here, it’s haunted!’

blank-spaceFreddie’s Adventure
by Grace Greenfield

‘Argh!’ cried Freddie as he fell deeper and deeper into a pond. Although his family was known for being good swimmers Freddie couldn’t swim. His only hope was a lifeguard. Suddenly a net caught him. He couldn’t see what it was. ‘A frog!’ shouted some happy children.

blank-spaceThe Derby

by Darci Sheppard-Mobbs

Bang! went the gates! Zenyatta, unsure of what to do, ran for her life. Over jumps she sailed! Suddenly she saw her best friend, Joey. Not only did she catch him up, she flew past him! Her first ever race and she had won to the cheering crowd shouting, ‘Zenyatta!’

blank-spaceTimbers, The Pirate

by Ben Jones

Captain Timbers came to a pile of rocks. ‘Oh, I give up!’ he groaned and sat down on a rock. Suddenly it collapsed beneath him into an underground chamber full of hot lava. ‘Woah! What’s this?’ he cried. Then he saw the treasure chest on a platform beside him..

blank-spaceLego Adventure

by Harry Groom

‘He’s asleep.’ The LEGO men woke up.
‘Where are the models?’
They slid down the banisters. The LEGO models were laid out on the dining table. The little men played until sunrise. Then they raced upstairs. Tom came down. It was all quiet but he thought his LEGO had moved..

blank-spaceThe Mouse In The Garage
by Emma Bell

Mum looked for the bird food in the garage. On no, there was a hole in the packet! A mouse had set up house in Daddy’s walking shoe. Full of fluff and nuts, it was the perfect home. As the lawnmover started, the mouse jumped out and ran away.

blank-spaceThe Bird That Wouldn’t Fly Away

by Talia Garner

A bird flew into the window, it hurt its wing. Two children came and picked it up, they made the bird better and set it free but the bird wouldn’t fly away. It liked the children so they had to put bread and water out every day for the bird.

by Mia Ellis-Wood

I stood outside playing with my ball when an old lady came and said, ‘Give me that ball or I will kill you.’ She took her knife out and I jumped back, rolling the ball to her. ‘Beware boy,’ I went and gave Grandma a big hug as I cried!’



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