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Miss Cushing

Spotlight-on-Miss-CushingWhat is your role at HOHS?
I started in the role Senior Housemistress at the beginning of this term, so I look after all the boarders and the boarding staff. I am a fully qualified teacher and have been working in a large boarding school for eight years. My family are local to the area and I wanted to relocate away from London and back to sunny Norfolk.

What attracted you to this role?
Just one thing? Impossible! I love the fact the girls are so much a community with each helping the others out regardless of the difference in ages. Everyone seems so happy to work here – me included!

What is your favourite memory of your own time at school?

The best thing about my school were the study rooms we had in 6th form as they became “dens” where we would study an spend our free time with friends. I loved the outdoor spaces too and the swimming pool. It was a girls’ boarding school so HOHS feels like home already.

What was your favourite subject at school and why?
I was good at Classics and loved reading so I went to study Ancient History at university.

What was your least favourite subject at school and why?
Oh that’s easy – Chemistry! I just didn’t understand it and my teacher actually cried with frustration at one point. He made me promise to learn my GCSE material by heart and to not worry about understanding it…..by some miracle I actually passed!

If you could go back in time and give your ‘younger self’ one piece of advice what would it be?
Relax! It is going to be ok and life is made up of the experiences you have along the journey, you cannot achieve it all overnight.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that your pupils wouldn’t know.
I am really scared of spiders and will do my best to avoid them. I have recently bought a sewing machine and my Mum is teaching me how to do quilting and patchwork. But I bake the best chocolate brownies you will ever taste too! I have a dog called Bertie and an almost unhealthy amount of shoes!



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