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Star of the Week



These are the children who received a special mention in our Praise Assemblies this term

10th September

Felicity  6P           For her excellent contribution in lessons.

Saffron 5H           For setting out her work carefully and for her effort in English

Emma   4S           For excellent punctuality and attitude in class.

Amelia  3M          For finishing her first reading book of the year so quickly!

17th September

Amelia  2D           For working hard in lessons and for being keen to do more!

Theo      1B           For his contribution and effort in a lesson about sign language. Lovely listening skills.

Beatrix  R             For knowing all her sounds, trying hard with spelling and moving up a reading level.

Tafara   N             For helping new Nursery children and for her cheerful ‘Good morning!’ and big smile.

 24th September

Warwick  6P        For his effort in Maths  and for bringing a selection of his ‘First News’ collection into school

Ellie         5H         For making excellent progress in English and Maths lessons.

Yuna        4S          For her very good personal organisation and effort in Maths lessons.

Georgina 3J          For trying hard to organise herself for each activity.

 1st October

Chloe    2D           For knowing lots of historical facts and using good computer skills for research.

Felicity  1B           For working hard in English lessons and spelling words correctly.

Jack        R            For making excellent progress in piano lessons with Mr Dodd

Charlie  N             For his lovely start to school and for his very polite manners.

 8th October

James   6P           For his positive contribution to science lessons on ‘Light’.

Heine    5H          For an excellent first week in school and for his effort in English lessons.

Alexander 4S     For putting 100% effort into his homework and trying hard in maths lessons.

Matilda 3M        For her positive attitude to swimming this week.

15th October

Tyrell     2D          For working hard and making excellent progress in writing and spelling.

Tierra    1B           For excellent typing skills and accuracy in ICT lessons.

Jessica  R             For reading aloud beautifully and independent work in Maths.