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Boarders explore Blickling Hall

Last weekend our boarders took advantage of the miserable weather to explore Blickling Hall in North Norfolk. Once in the ownership of the famous Boleyn family, this magnificent early seventeenth-century stately home provided plenty to interest the girls. They were suitably impressed by the artwork on the walls and expressed a sudden desire to wear the big dresses of the 17th Century and have silver service at supper each night! Thankfully this wore off when they were told they would also have to do the washing up afterwards.

The staff at Blickling were kind enough to open up some of the secret doors and cupboards so the girls could see the “real” Blickling. The weather cleared up enough to head outside and smell the famous hyacinth borders before making a beeline for the shop.

Miss Cushing


Boarders-Blickling-Estate boarders-at-blickling

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Boarders do battle in the dark

Last weekend the boarders enjoyed a trip to Quasar Laser in Norwich for some fast-paced, high-adrenaline fun. Split into two teams the girls had to battle it out in the dark, attempting to capture the other team’s base without being shot too many times by the laser guns. It was great fun and soon the girls were running all over the castles and buildings that made up the terrain. Miss Mann and Miss Cushing decided to put their own lives on the line and hold the high ground to allow their team to escape. The score cards at the end showed some surprising results….apparently shooting your own team is not a good idea!

boarding quasar



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Boarders shop till they drop

Last Saturday some of our boarders took a trip into Norwich to enjoy a little retail therapy.

After shopping up a storm and restocking their wardrobes they took a much-needed break to refuel and recharge, before setting off to visit the remaining shops in town!


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Our boarders take to the trapeze

Last Saturday the boarders took a wet trip to Eaton Vale. The activities that lay ahead were trapeze and archery. As it was a rainy day and the activities were outside, the boarders got soaked, even before they had begun!

The trapeze was fairly straight forward because all you had to do was climb a ladder, stand on a platform and then jump and reach for the trapeze bar hanging across from you. It was very scary and a few of the boarders hung to the ladder like a monkey and wouldn’t move! While some people didn’t managed to reach the bar everyone tried their best.

Zoe Baker (Year 8)

Last weekend we went to do archery; it was really fun! We played lots of different games like the cake game and the balloon game. We all had a great time, even though it was pouring with rain and very cold!

Cecilia de Cabo
(Year 10)

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Boarders visit Blickling Hall

On a cold but sunny Saturday the boarders, accompanied by Mr and Mrs Crump and Mrs Swallow, ventured out to Blickling Hall near Cromer. Once in the ownership of the famous Boleyn family, this magnificent early seventeenth century stately home provided plenty to interest the girls.

After a picnic in the orchard, they explored the grand interior, making good use of the friendly and informative guides stationed in each room. They  were lucky enough to be in the long gallery when a lutenist, dressed in period costume, was providing a melodious background to the impressive and valuable library of leather-bound volumes.

After the inside tour, a walk in the grounds allowed a group to make use of the hall’s croquet set, provided for the entertainment of visitors.  A visit to the well-equipped shop rounded off an enjoyable and informative afternoon.

See more photos from the trip.

Mr Crump
HeadmasterBoarders-Blickling-Estateboarders2 boardersSM

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Boarders visit Eaton Vale

A couple of weekends ago the boarders spent the afternoon at Eaton Vale Activity Centre. All of our girls joined in and were divided into two groups to take part in some climbing challenges. Even those who were scared of heights had a go!

See more photos from the day here.

Mrs Swallow
Senior Housemistress

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Boarders do battle in the dark

Last weekend the boarders spent the afternoon at Laserquest in Norwich. The staff and pupils battled it out. The red team won.

We all had a brilliant time and we look forward to going back there again soon.

Emily Catlin
Year 8 boarder