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Following in Grandmother’s Footsteps…

We were delighted today to welcome family members of our school’s original founder as they enjoyed a nostalgic visit to Norfolk from their homes in North Norfolk and Hampshire.

Gladys Andrews founded the school at Hellesdon House in 1928 to educate her own children, moving to Hethersett Old Hall in 1935 when it outgrew the space.  Three of her grandchildren and a great-niece were amongst today’s visitors, some of whom have strong childhood memories of the Old Hall.

Grandson Michael (pictured below, left) recalls staying here often as a small boy. “My parents would drop me off at the beginning of the summer holidays to stay with my grandparents here”,  he told us. Looking around the upstairs boarding area brought back vivid memories:  “I recognise this fireplace”, he said, “ and remember going up these stairs in the mornings to my grandparents’ room to get dressed – I would have been about eight years old at the time.”

Jenny Youngs (nee Perowne, third left in the larger group photo below) is a great-niece of Mrs Andrews and a former pupil here. “ I was here from 1967-71 as a Prep boarder when Miss Lewin was Head ”, she said, recognising one of the current boarders’ common rooms as her first dormitory.

The family – some of whom had followed in their grandmother’s footsteps to become teachers –  looked through old photos and other artefacts and posed for pictures outside the headmaster’s study before enjoying a tour of the school and grounds with Linda Jones. We hope they enjoyed their visit as much as we did!

Hellesdon House was the first home of our school – from 1928 until 1935 when Mrs Andrews bought Hethersett Old Hall.

The three grandchildren of our founder Mrs Andrews who visited today: Michael (left), his sister Caroline (right) and their cousin Sophie (centre). Sophie’s mother “Barbs” was Gladys Andrews’ daughter – herself a pupil and, later, a governor of the school.

The family group included Jenny Youngs, nee Perowne, (third left), a great-niece of Gladys Andrews. Jenny boarded as a Prep pupil at HOHS from 1967-71.


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Year 10 lighting up the lab

Year 10 girls took on an interesting challenge in their last science lesson at the end of term, working in pairs or small groups. The task? To create a working model lighthouse, the taller the better, using only newspaper and a few other specified bits and pieces.  They were halfway through the challenge when these pictures were snapped, so we’re not sure which team won, or what scientific principles were applied… but the concentration levels and competitive spirit were certainly in evidence!

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Year 10 Visit Sainsbury Centre

Year 10 girls had a fascinating visit to the Sainsbury Centre  earlier this month.   With the help of a guide,they explored first the Paul Nash,and then the Rana Begum visiting exhibitions on display there. Begum’s work (pictured) blurs the boundaries between sculpture,painting and architecture and we found it very interesting indeed!



The fluorescent coats  the girls are wearing were designed to be interactive with the colours in the exhibition.



An installation piece constructed from a series of coloured modular architectural components.


Sing, choirs of angels…

The night before they left for the holiday, our boarders gathered in the hall with the log fire glowing to sing carols and enjoy some tasty treats. There were tears as well as smiles as it was the last night with our wonderful gap year students, who have been with us a year and become thoroughly immersed in so many aspects of our school family life. Best of luck and warm wishes go to Jess, Kirby and Claire, as they embark on the next exciting chapter of their adventures – and happy holidays to all our boarders and their families.

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