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Want to help save sea turtles or spider monkeys in Costa Rica?

There are still a couple of spaces available on our once-in-a-lifetime expedition to Costa Rica in July 2016.

Girls in Years 10-12 will be able to explore the country and experience the local culture, hike through stunning cloud forests and enjoy the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. We will also have the opportunity to work alongside locals on one of the four conservation projects below.

Please let me know if you’re interested in joining the expedition.

Miss MannCosta-Rica-map

OPTION ONE: Playa Caletas Turtle Project
Location: Nicoya Peninsula
Duration: 4 – 5 days

This project is run by Turtle Trax, who work to monitor and protect the sea turtles around the coast line of the southern part of the Nicoya peninsula.

Playa Caletas is a nesting site for mainly Olive Ridley turtles but also green turtles and leather backs later on in the season. During the time the team are there you should be lucky enough to see a turtle laying and possibly even baby turtles hatching from their nests. The team will be taught the basic skills for monitoring the turtles and collecting the nests so as to be able to help out with this essential work protecting the sea turtles.

The main part of the project work is with the turtles. The beach is monitored for turtles 3 hours either side of high tide. Once a turtle is found it is measured/ tagged etc. The eggs are collected and put in the hatchery safe from predators. The hatchery also has to be monitored at night for hatching turtles. These are then released into the ocean.

The majority of the work is carried out at night, so generally volunteers relax during the day. However there is always maintenance work to be done at the camp. There is a local project coordinator on site at all times, as well as a couple of long-term volunteers. Other tasks will include litter picking and clearing the beach and general maintenance of the camp and the hatchery.

OPTION TWO: Asis Project
Duration: 4 – 6 days

The Asis Project is an animal sanctuary that has been set up to provide a home for injured, sick, or orphaned wild animals. The project aims to use the animals and the stunning grounds of the centre as a base for educational community workshops. In the past groups have worked on various projects at the centre, and groups will have the chance to get up close and personal with some of the inhabitants of the sanctuary which holds caimans, spider monkeys, sloths, snakes, peccaries, kinkajous, racoons, lizards and hummingbirds.

Whilst working on the project, participants will be able to stay with local families in the community, which provides a great opportunity to gain an insight into Tico life! Families will provide all meals for the group, giving participants the opportunity to taste some authentic local food. Participants will spend a lot of time with their host families, providing them with a fantastic opportunity to learn about family life in Costa Rica.
OPTION THREE: Kekoldi Iguana Project
Location: Close to Puerto Viejo and the border with Panama
Duration: 4 – 6 days

Kekoldi is the indigenous reserve of the Bribri culture and is situated a few kilometres from Puerto Viejo in Talamanca. In 1989 the Bribri people of this reserve set up a small project to help conserve the green iguana. Today the project is self-sustainable from the money gained from tourists.

However, the reserve is in need of a lot of maintenance work. Outlook groups would provide much needed help to build new enclosures, maintain paths and build another hut for visitors.

Teams will also learn about the problems facing the green iguana as well as the traditional culture of the Bribri culture.
OPTION FOUR: Cloudbridge Project
Location: Close to Cerro Chirripó
Duration: 3 – 6 days

Cloudbridge is situated in a beautiful and remote cloud forest on one of the highest mountains in Central America. It is a private nature reserve in Costa Rica created to preserve and reforest an important gap in the cloud forest adjoining the Chirripó Pacifico River on the slopes of Mt. Chirripó.

Project work may include planting trees, maintaining existing trees, renovating existing trails and creating new trails.High_Five_Costa_Rica_monteverde_620


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Early call for Costa Rica 2016

Remember last summer’s exciting and challenging trip to Southern Africa? Well, in July 2016 girls in Years 10-12 will have the opportunity to take part in another amazing expedition – led by Miss Mann – this time to Costa Rica.

We will hike through stunning cloud forests, enjoy the clear waters of the Caribbean and work alongside locals on conservation projects – gaining a real insight into the culture of this stunning country.

Look out for more information coming soon!

Miss MannCosta-Rica-map High_Five_Costa_Rica_monteverde_620 monteverde_296Limon-Sportfishing-in-The-Caribbean-Coast-of-Costa-Rica-1