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Love of Languages

Nursery and Reception pupils joined forces this afternoon for a French lesson with Mrs Jones. They are learning numbers, colours and simple greetings, and were concentrating hard and confidently singing songs in French when the roving camera popped in to see!

nursery-recep-french1 nursery-recep-french2 nursery-recep-french3 nursery-recep-french4 nursery-recep-french5 nursery-recep-french6 nursery-recep-french7

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Frozen Friday!

It was actually a very mild and sunny day yesterday, but it was definitely Frozen in the languages room… Frozen, the movie, that is! Our new Foreign Film club is proving a success, with over a dozen pupils joining in this week to see the ever-popular Disney classic in French with English sub-titles. With the words conveniently printed out by Mrs Evers-Jones, the children all had a go at singing  “Libérée, délivrée” (Let it Go)!

img_3341 img_3335 img_3336 img_3338




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Foreign Film Fridays!

Fancy watching Frozen in French? Mrs Barber and Mrs Evers-Jones are starting a new foreign languages film club on Friday lunchtimes from this Friday, 27th January. Anyone from Year 3 upwards is welcome to join us in L1, where we will be watching films, including Disney favourites, in French or Spanish with English subtitles.  The first week will feature the French version of Frozen – you will have the chance to learn some of the songs in French, too.

Click on the picture to see and hear “Let it Go” in French, with the lyrics on screen so that you can have a go at singing along…“Libérée, délivrée”!




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Love of Languages

Our modern languages department has been extremely busy this academic year, with pupils covering a vast range of topics and exciting projects during lessons.

All pupils in the school enjoy learning languages; French lessons begin as early as our Reception class and Spanish joins the curriculum from Year 3. Our younger pupils in Year 6 have just produced some wonderful work in their Spanish lessons (Year 6), and on their daily routine (on display in Upper Prep) during French with Madame Boscaratto.Senior school girls have produced French topic work on family trees and pets (Year 7), where they live (Year 8) and letters to a French pen-pal (Year 9). In Spanish, girls have covered fashion (Year 9) and festivals (Year 10).

Year 10 Spanish3Year 9 SpanishYear 8 French6
Year 6 SpanishYear 7 French tree2

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Upper Prep build bridges for National Science Week

As part of the British Science Association’s National Science Week, our Upper Prep department was given the challenge of designing a bridge that would span 30 centimetres.

Our pupils, who worked in mixed-age house teams, were given a limited amount of materials to construct the strongest bridge possible. Some very interesting and original bridges were created and then tested for strength.

The results were as follows:

Ist Fry: Christina Moretti-Miles, Imogen Stubbs, Oscar Williams, Ria Simmons

2nd Austen: Anna Luterbacher, Sarah Kendall, Harry Groom

3rd Ryder: Ashlyn Gibb, Alabama Thompson, Isabelle Sellors, Mollie Deeks

The most attractive bridge was made by Aisling Kendall, Ovi Mahere, Emily Grint and Olivia Hendrie of Austen house.

Congratulations to all the children for creating some amazing bridges.

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HOHS named as one of the best schools in Britain!

A recent survey carried out by The Sunday Times has listed Wymondham as one of the best places to live in the UK, with  Hethersett Old Hall School being named as the ‘go-to’ independent school in the area.

Of course we already knew that our school offers something extra special, but it’s always nice to have this confirmed in the national papers for all the world to see!

Newspaper newspaper3 Newspaper2